No More Time For Love And Hate

by Jane Distortion


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Everything is recorded in a high end studio (livingroom) on a four year old HP laptop. Mixing and mastering is done, state of the art style, with the same laptop on the same couch. The neighbours really love us.

Our music has always been free and will always be free for digital downloads. You can support us by buying the digipak. It makes more sense to buy a physical release for 8 euros (~11 dollars) than a digital one...


released August 27, 2011

vocals by jason weckman
special guest leo lundqvist
album cover by fredrik hollsten
makeup by annalina ahlblad
on cover marie biaudet




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Track Name: You And Me
i love your pretty eyes
everything around them dies
salty skin sickening
dripping fluids just a fling
this is our private hour
since i met you i'm in love
now we're lying on the floor
no energy to fuck no more
this is me this is you
in the end we are two
of the best in the test
what goes on in my chest
this is only a dream
this is only my scream

you and me, we're not supposed to be
feel free, come and get me

my dream is you my friend
filled up with words to spend
your mouth is filled with spring
my head with anything
we cannot be alone
icecold my secret throne
i only need your skin
with that goes anything

you and me, we're not supposed to be
feel free, come and get me

this is only a dream
this is only my scream
Track Name: Blue Sky
help me

take me to you
eyes off green seed
hope is no more
rest is for us

help me

why are you true, why am i here
fake your mind say, why i'm all alone
who are over, blue sky please now
stash thoughts no more, cannot see through

help me save me
Track Name: You're So Dead
i see the light my window sign
walking in to spend my time
staring eyes make me glad
makes me think of times we had
sitting down, my worn out chair
surface smells like dirty hair
beast is growing through my skin
nothing to do nothing to win

in my bed you lie dead
you're my queen my own dream
never wake you're so dead
endless dream you're my queen

when wind blows in, we will fly
where all of us are always high
my room is still the place to be
your cold dead eyes back at me
Track Name: I Won't Make It Home
god is on my side in every direction
god is on my side i wanna go home
come taste my fingers they taste like my memory
cleaned out and empty from life in a cage
god felt my inside in every reflection
god delt with feelings he got from my brain
reading from papers they tell me to stay inside
god didn't make it, cut open his vein

ripping away my true face

side by side with your ghost it's a fantasy
hoping to meet up with boys from beyond
wasting my time on shit that you brought to me
i'll think i save it for another day
maybe i'm dead now maybe i'm only one
maybe it's something i don't understand
it's all in the end just a story i made it up
i can't help but hate it, i won't make it home

ripping away my true face
it's easy
ripping away my true face
don't need it
ripping away my true face
forget it
ripping away my true face
Track Name: Back To Hell
now it is time to get out of line, caus i'm into
rolling around in the grass when i sleep, no matter what
yesterday is today or tomorrow, coming back to life
always true if i go back to hell, i just wanna
breath the air is my favourite part

spending an hour or two in the grass, this is just a
place i wanna be, a place to born again, if i ever
see you again i will fuck away the pain, your pain
too, cause i now that i am in your heart.

i'm in your heart
i just wanna breath
breath the air is my favourite part
Track Name: Throwing Up
inspiration came and went
no more time for love and hate
my ears are raped my tuonge is sore
feeling dead forever more
empty seats made for my boots
a distant feel towards my roots
prisoner in my favourite song
until a feeling comes along

you want to fuck, every day
a drinking whore, many say
there is nothing in your way
throwing up is to feel okay

fifteen bucks is all i have
still i am a better man
the city's dead, kind of blue
like my jacket, very true
pretending shit i cannot care
a loving heart i relly don't
there comes a time in every life
Track Name: Definitely Dark
i am basement i am dark
i love tiny little sparks
funny twins spin around
a nightconcert in surround
i'm driving round and round with you
you're quiet almost screaming
i'm driving, sleeping, dreaming
we're passing through the ending

i have become the real me
i'm under my true shell
i have replaced my old head
it fits it's all i have

i am yours i am here
our hands connect the fear
no power left to even speak
but you know how i feel
Track Name: Face The Fact
fall asleep
dream away
then wake up
eyes still closed
it's a new day
but it's night
can you feel it
it is near
eyes now open
don't feel a thing
all i know
it's in the air

then get up
mirror time
hate the window
go away
change your skin
fix your spirit
wake up your neighbour by smashing your tv with a steelpipe
wash your hands
eat a brain
ignore the news
filled with black
grab your wings
go outside
face the fact
fuck the world
Track Name: Hard To Believe
the less i know the more i see
misery is next to me
i open up another door
i paint the walls more and more
the less i know the more i see
never reaching ecstasy
i open up another door
repaint the walls you little whore
the more i see the less i know
nothing special no more glow
in my room i sit and rest
no more power to do my best
the more i see the less i know
waiting for the second show
in my room i sit and rest
this is not my very best

walking to the station cause
the train's about to leave
maybe even all the way
always hard to believe

looking for my favourite thought
remembering why i never fought
dripping posters on the wall
getting up i'm gonna fall
the clock is ticking, never ends
how am i it all depends
on you or me or something else
what difference does it even make
on this floor it's always cold
a storm is coming, always cold
try to hide i cannot breath
on my floor always cold
knocking on my door, at last
something's crazy from the past
now it's time to see this through
always cold, that's you

walking to the station cause
the train's about to leave
maybe even all the way
always hard to believe